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Students Demand Action volunteer Anvitha Doddipalli poses with Moms Demand Action volunteers
Advisory Board

Get to Know the Students Demand Action Advisory Board: Anvitha Doddipalli

Anvitha Doddipalli is a high school senior in Chandler, Arizona. Having joined Students Demand Action nearly two years ago, Anvitha is a member of the Text Team, a leader of a local action group, and a leader for the Arizona Virtual Field Office. She is now excited to work on the advisory board and reinforce her commitment to gun violence prevention. 

Get to know Anvitha even more in her Q&A!

Name: Anvitha Doddipalli
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age: 17
Astrological Sign: Leo
Location: Chandler, AZ
School: Corona Del Sol High School

What do you hope to pursue after you graduate?


Why is gun violence prevention important to you?

Anvitha smiles and takes a selfie with her computer during Gun Sense University.

Gun violence prevention is important to me because both everyday gun violence and mass shootings contribute to a significant number of casualties in the United States. It is an issue that impacts the lives of thousands of Americans each year. Students, especially, are no stranger to the news of a school shooting or the anticipation of the next one.

Despite its magnitude and its extent, it is an issue that has not been given priority nor has adequate action been taken. It is important to me that that changes.

What are you most proud of working on as a Students Demand Action volunteer?

I’m most proud of working on the Summer and Final Days of Action campaigns these past few months. We have all put in an incredible amount of work—phone banking, text banking, and organizing, and it definitely paid off. Helping register over 19,000 voters on National Voter Registration Day, helping surpass our goal of registering 100,000 overall, and helping elect a range of Gun Sense candidates into office, shows what we as students are capable of and I am so proud to have taken part.

What public figure or social justice icon do you most admire and why?

RBG is definitely my icon. Her fight for women’s rights, at a time where it was so difficult and there was so much division, is inspiring. She did so much to change make our society for women and truly modeled the impact an individual is capable of having.

If you could only eat one food for a year, what would you pick?


What do you do for self care?

I FaceTime friends or watch Netflix

What motivates you to keep going?

Every victory, no matter how big or small, shows me that a difference can be made and that it can be made by us. From getting gun safety legislation passed through statehouses, helping register over 100,000 young voters, or electing many Gun Sense Candidates into office this election, I am proud of all we have accomplished. As I witness continuing tragedy and injustice around me, these successes motivate me to keep going.

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