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A group of more than five Students Demand Action volunteers walk through an office hallway on Advocacy Day in Richmond.

After nearly two years of online organizing, we are finally ready to jump into the new school year! Despite the obstacles we’ve faced—and conquered—throughout the pandemic, we are more prepared than ever to return to organizing in our schools, on our college campuses, and in our communities. So, let’s jump back in!

How Do You Want to Volunteer This Year?

Host a voter registration drive on your campus

Time commitment: 3 hours

Call volunteers and voters as part of the Calling Team

Time commitment: 1 hour per week

Start a Students Demand Action group in your school, college, or community

Time commitment: 2 hours per week

Check out our comprehensive guides to starting a Students Demand Action group in your high school or college.

Take Action Right Now

Have 5 minutes to spare? Take quick actions instead.

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