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We demand action for .

We’re young activists committed to ending gun violence in our communities.

We’ve grown up in the midst of America’s gun violence crisis. In fact, we’ve been called the “school shooting generation.” Now we’re rising up and organizing in our high schools, colleges, and communities across the country to demand action to end gun violence.

Join Us

After nearly two years of online organizing, we are finally ready to jump into the new school year!

We are more prepared than ever to return to organizing in our schools, on our college campuses, and in our communities. Learn more about getting involved this school year!

Join Us
A group of more than five Students Demand Action volunteers walk through an office hallway on Advocacy Day in Richmond.
A group of ten people participating in the Summer Leadership Academy pose in Students Demand Action shirts on the beach in California.

Empowering students to become leaders in the gun violence prevention movement.

The Summer Leadership Academy is a student-led, evidence-based gun violence prevention initiative that allows communities to host summer programs that empower low-income students, survivors, and people of color to become community organizers.

Get Involved

Research shows that common-sense public safety laws can reduce gun violence and save lives.

Understanding research on gun violence can help inform your schoolwork and advocacy. Learn about the root causes of gun violence so you can advocate for evidence-based solutions to stop it.

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Collage representing a research product: students sitting at desks, a line graph, and school lockers
Three volunteers smile while wearing Students Demand Action shirts together on the beach

Wear your support for gun safety.

We are determined to fight for our lives, our dreams, and our communities. Show you're in this fight with us by wearing your support for gun safety with Students Demand Action merch.

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