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We demand action for .

We’re young activists committed to ending gun violence in our communities.

We’ve grown up in the midst of America’s gun violence crisis. In fact, we’ve been called the “school shooting generation.” Now we’re rising up and organizing in our high schools, colleges, and communities across the country to demand action to end gun violence.

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Students Demand Action volunteers wearing red t-shirts and standing in front of the SHOT Show wall installation:

Demand the gun industry step up and take action to save lives.

Guns are the number one killer of kids and teens in America, but the gun industry continues to evade responsibility for the harm they cause.

A cluster of register to vote stickers

Help your peers register to vote.

Every year, millions of Americans turn 18. You can help register your peers to vote by hosting a voter registration drive at your school.

Get Started

Organize, lead, mentor, and inspire action by participating in the Summer Leadership Academy.

Founded in Summer 2019, and entering into its fifth year in 2023, the Students Demand Action Summer Leadership Academy is an opportunity for youth in communities disproportionately impacted by gun violence to host summer programs to empower low-income high school students and survivors to become community organizers.

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A group 17 participants in the Summer Leadership Academy wear Students Demand Action shirts while on a hike in California
Three volunteers smile while wearing Students Demand Action shirts together on the beach

Wear your support for gun safety.

We are determined to fight for our lives, our dreams, and our communities. Show you're in this fight with us by wearing your support for gun safety with Students Demand Action merch.

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